Chemistry Proofreading

High quality English proofreading & editing services for all academic & scientific papers, reviews, master and PhD theses in the fields of:

  • Natural product Chemistry.
  • Phytochemistry/ Pharmacognosy.
  • Organic chemistry.
  • Analytical chemistry.
  • Medicinal Chemistry.

Numbers don't lie

45Master Thesis
20PhD Thesis

Our chemistry proofreading services

When working on scientific material, proofreading your research and results is integral. However it isn’t as simple as just giving it a read over. It requires a fresh set of eyes, and an expert who can analyse your work, detect errors – which may not be visible to you – and improve the overall validity of your content.

Our proofreading service benefits a variety of clients, including students who may feel so overwhelmed with theory and practical work that they haven’t the time to go through their assignments.

We offer invaluable tips on how to develop applicable areas and query any outstanding issues that may be present. This aids budding chemists in their scientific discoveries and helps to elevate the efficiency of their findings.

Subjects that are eligible for proofreading include: natural product chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, and medicinal chemistry.

The finalised proof-read version is presented as a track changed word document, so that clients are able to view the specific areas that have been amended.

Clients are able to communicate with us via email, if there is an amendment which they feel needs expanding on further.