Chemistry Presentations

Preparation of posters & PowerPoint presentation slides in the fields of:

  • Natural product Chemistry.
  • Phytochemistry/ Pharmacognosy.
  • Organic chemistry.
  • Analytical chemistry.
  • Medicinal Chemistry.

Numbers don't lie

22Master and PhD Presentation (30-70 slide each)
90Master and PhD Poster
170Academic Lecture Presentation (35-50 slides per lecture)

Our chemistry presentations service

Students, teachers or chemistry enthusiasts can come to us for a professional PowerPoint presentation.

Our presentations cover the five major fields of chemistry; natural product chemistry, phytochemistry/pharmacognosy, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and medicinal chemistry.

Clients must provide at least 80% of the content, for us to create an effective slideshow that reflects their specific objectives.

We tailor the copy provided so that it meets the standards required for your intended audience. This includes: structure, style, and visuals. We also adapt your slideshow so that it’s cohesive with the environment in which it’s being pitched.

Lastly, we cater to your requirements, and create presentations for a variety of purposes – not just for public events – but also for PhD dissertations.