Who We Are?

A group of experienced scientists in different disciplines of chemistry. We are available to offer help and support 24/7. We can deal with urgent enquiries and normal ones in an efficient way.

Fields We Can Help

  1. Natural Product Chemistry

    Our support can cover in all aspects of natural product identification, structure elucidation of wide range of natural products from plants, marine organism, marine and terrestrial microbes and endophytes. This involves 1D and 2D NMR analysis, low and high resolution MS, UV, IR, and X-ray analysis.

  2. Phytochemistry / Pharmacognosy

    we can provide our service for all pharmacognosy and phytochemical analysis of medicinal plants. This involves the taxonomy, characterisation, bioactive metabolites and their classes, pharmacological uses and side effects. This also includes herbal medicines and herbal preparations.

  3. Organic Chemistry

    Our service is associated with organic structure synthesis, analysis, confirmation, synthetic and semi-synthetic routes of organic compounds, mechanistic approaches of chemical synthesis.

  4. Analytical Chemistry

    We can offer support in all analytical chemistry tools including all chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques for qualitative and quantitative analysis. This involves pharmaceutical, environmental, and toxicological analysis.

  5. Medicinal Chemistry

    We can support different aspects of medicinal chemistry including drug mechanisms of action, metabolism, excretion, and routes of synthesis and modification. Docking studies for drug discovery is also one of our strength points.

What We Do

  • We can do professional proofreading for your report, thesis, manuscript/paper or review that you plan to submit to any international peer-reviewed journal.
  • We can transfer your results / data into a scientific poster or a PowerPoint presentation.
  • If you stuck with your compound structure confirmation, based on the NMR and MS data you have, we can easily confirm your structure that you propose, or guide you otherwise. If you are in the initial identification steps, we can help you get your final structure fast and accurate.
1552Natural Compound Structure Confirmation
370Synthetic Compound Structure Confirmation
60Paper Proofreading
40Master Thesis Proofreading
16PhD Thesis Proofreading
20Master and PhD Presentation  (30-70 slide each)
80Master and PhD Poster
170Academic Lecture Presentation (35-50 slides per lecture)

key details about our companyWhat Makes Us Different?

Structure elucidation

Extensive experience of more than 10 years in structure elucidation of organic compounds from different natural sources as well as totally synthesized ones.


More than 8 years of experience in proofreading, poster and PowerPoint presentations and academic lecture notes preparations.


Professional chemistry team who proofread, advice, and optimise your data scientifically and present it in a professional way.


We are an international team that has a track record of serving worldwide customers including but not limited to USA, Europe, UK, Canada, China, and the Middle East.


We deal with your data in a completely confidential way, no third party involved.


We can offer quick service in short time to meet your urgent need and deadlines.

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